The Leadership Challenge The role of financial executives is changing, expanding, and becoming more complex. More layers of compliance and ambiguity are being added every day. Integrity, ethics, and transparency are increasingly expected and inspected by the general public. Organizations appreciate an executive search partner who can help them select just the right Chief Financial Officer and their support team to effectively navigate these turbulent waters.

Our Solution

Recruiting and assessing financial executives requires expertise that only years of specialized experience endows. The Consultants in our global CFO and Financial Executives Practice Group have that expertise.

Our Consultant Expertise

Our search consultants come from CFO and financial backgrounds themselves. Many are CPAs, CAs, ACCAs, MBAs and/or CFAs and have been leaders in the Financial and Accounting industry, CFO career coaches, accounting ethics instructors, and/or business school teachers. talent21 Consultants are active and integral members of the global community of finance executives. Our focus empowers us to provide penetrating assessments of the unique skills, acumen, and insights that successful Financial Executives must posses.Leadership Intellect Creativity Foresight Judgment EIQ.

Our Best Practice Results

talent21 has facilitated the hiring of literally hundreds of CFOs and even more of their Financial Executive team globally :

    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Financial VP
    • Controller
    • Treasurer
    • Risk Management
    • Audit and Tax
    • Investor Relations

Talent21 delivers CFO and Financial Executive search services within many industries. Whether you are a startup company seeking a new CFO, a mid-market firm looking to expand your Financial Executive team, or a Fortune 500 company working on your succession plan, we stand by to partner with you.